Friday Fanfare

Friday Fanfare

April 20, 2018

Dear Trinity Families,

Thank you for the outpouring of prayers and support in the passing of my mom! What has touched me the most has been the cards and notes from the students. How each and everyone of them knows that there is hope after death and that heaven is real! It’s our faith, and our kids know that! I grew up without any formal religion in my house. I knew about God, and I attended Vacation Bible Schools once in awhile with friends. My best friend in elementary school was Catholic, and she gave me a rosary….I thought it was a pretty necklace. I just didn’t know. My mom never took on organized religion, but she believed in God and was open to being baptized and receiving last rites before she died. What a blessing for her and for my siblings and I! I know my mom is in heaven and that one day I will be with her in heaven too!

With God’s blessings,

            Kimber Moehrman, Principal

Start saving your unwanted “treasures” for the Second Hand Rose on May 5! Drop offs accepted!

Upcoming Events

April 22

Trinity/St. Christopher/St. Francis First Communion

Elle, Hope, Lilah, Loren, Pablo, Lincoln, Maggie, Nathan, Louis

11:30 am

April 23-27

Bring in your loose change to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

“Ten Cent Team Spirit” on Tuesday--Bring in dimes and dress for your favorite teams!

“Crazy Quarter--Crazy Socks” Thursday--Bring in quarters--wear crazy socks with your uniform!

“Stuck for a Buck”--Bring in dollars to stick a teacher to the wall with duct tape!

April 23


All School Mass (3rd Grade)

5th To Senior Buddies

8th Grade Flowers Delivered

April 24

Kindergarten Screening Day

No class for current kinders!

April 26

Kinders to Slate Run

April 27

Titan Tidbits 8 am Cafeteria (St. Francis of Assisi Family)

April 29

Trinity/St. Margaret First Communion

Madyson, Tabitha, Lillian, Spencer