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Welcome to Trinity Catholic Kindergarten

Summer Skills and Readiness Ideas
The Trinity Catholic Kindergarten screening process is designed to assess your child's abilities.  It focuses on four major areas that are necessary for a successful Kindergarten experience.  The four major areas are: 
  • Gross motor skills-the ability to move and use large muscle groups
  • Fine motor skills-the ability to use small muscles, grip and use a pencil, copy shapes, etc.
  • Basic concepts-identification of letters, numbers, shapes, colors; and the ability to answer questions and provide general information about comparisons, sizes, seasons and more.
  • Speech-the ability to receive and express language. 

Your child's skills can be strengthened over the summer with your help!

            -Language Arts
            -Social Studies

                     -Part 1
               -Part 2
               -Part 3
               -Part 4
                         -Part 5