INCOMING 5th Grade Summer Reading

Please choose 2 books from the following list to complete your summer reading activities. Books must be from different genre categories.


  1. Attached you will find 2 worksheets titled “Movie Poster.” Following the instructions, please create a movie poster for both books you read this summer. You may use a different piece of paper (or a poster board!) if you choose. You may also design a poster online, just be sure to print it out. Make sure it is colorful and neat.

  2. There are two additional worksheets attached in this packet: one is titled “Change The Ending,” and the other is titled, “Who’s The New Guy/Girl.” Please complete one for each book you read. It does not matter which activity pairs with which novel. Please write a minimum of 3 paragraphs for each activity. You may type if you prefer, but please print it out. Please make sure to edit your work!

Realistic Fiction

  • Rain Reign by: Anne M. Martin

12 year old Rose is obsessed with homonyms, prime numbers, and rules. She lives with her father and a box full of trinkets left behind by her mother. Her dog, Rain, ( so named because it is a homonym ) is her best friend and he goes missing in a storm. After the storm clears, Rose learns the dog actually belongs to another family and she must give back her beloved friend.

  • The Someday Birds by: Sally J. Pla

Charlie, an autistic boy who struggles to understand the world, travels across the country with his family to seek medical treatment for his injured father. His ordinary life is disrupted by this family crisis, and Charlie holds on to what he can to make sure everything turns out okay.

  • The Ethan I Was Before by: Ali Standish

After Ethan loses his best friend, Kacey, his family moves to a small town in Georgia. There he meets Coralee, a girl with a big personality and big stories to tell. But is she be keeping a secret that could put them both in danger?


Historical Fiction

  • The War That Saved My Life by: Kimberly Brubaker Badley

Ada, born with a club foot, has never left the apartment that she shares with her younger brother and cruel mother. When her mother sends her brother out of London to the countryside at the start of WWII, Ada runs away with him. In the country they begin to make a new life with Susan, a woman who reluctantly takes them in. The three of them form a bond and Ada finally gets to truly live.

  • Keeping Score by: Linda Sue Park

Maggie is a die-hard Brooklyn Dodgers fan, thanks to her fireman friend, Jim, who teaches her all about keeping track of the scores. When Jim gets drafted and sent off to Korea, he and Maggie correspond until he suddenly stops writing back. When he returns from Korea, Maggie is determined to help him heal.

  • Heart of a Samurai by: Margi Preus

In 1841, 14 year old Manjiro and 3 other men are stranded on an island off Japan during a fishing trip. Eventually they are rescued by an American whaling vessel but instead of returning to Japan, Manjiro travels with the Captain, attends school in America – dealing with the prejudice that comes with being an outsider – and heads to California during the gold rush. At the time, Japan was cut off from the world, and no one was allowed back into the country after leaving, but Manjiro risks his life to return.

  • Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures by: Kate DiCamillo

A run in with a vacuum cleaner gives Ulysses the squirrel superhero powers! 10 year old Flora, a self-proclaimed cynic and comic book reader becomes friends with this new superhero, and even opens up her cynical heart.

  • Savvy by: Ingrid Law

Mibs is about to turn thirteen, the age when each child finds out what his or her magic, or “savvy”, will be. Her brothers can control natural elements, her mother can do everything perfectly and Mibs is anxious to find out what her special quality is. Right before her 13th birthday party, her father has an accident and Mibs is convinced that her power will heal him. She runs away with her siblings and friends to try and reach him.

  • The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom by: Christopher Healy Fans of fairy tale adventures will enjoy this cheeky and humorous story about the “Prince Charmings.” The princes, who now have actual names, turned out by their princesses for various reasons of unsuitability, band together to prove themselves worthy by defeating Rapunzel’s witch. The feisty princesses also make an appearance and by the end of the book it is hard not to laugh out loud at the lovable foolishness of the princes’ exploits.


  • Under the Egg by: Laura Marx Fitzgerald

Just before her grandfather died, he whispered to Theodora, “There’s a letter… And a treasure” hidden “under the egg.” Theodora, whose mother is incapable of taking care of her, must find away to pay the bills and she starts her search for this mysterious treasure involving a work of art. Her hunt takes her all over New York City, into the past, and introduces her to a diverse group of new friends.

  • The Mysterious Benedict Society by: Trenton Lee Steward

This story centers around 4 children who answer an advertisement for gifted children only to find themselves at the center of an elaborate adventure that puts all their mental strengths to the test.

  • Zorgamazoo by: Robert Paul Weston

This is a fast-paced, clever, rhyming story follows Katrina Katrell, who runs away from her evil guardian, and alights on an adventure with a strange creature called a Zorgle from Zorgamazoo. A complicated mystery, with bizarre and hilarious characters follow.