Foreign Language



Foreign Languages

Learning a foreign language opens worlds for us all. Foreign languages also allow us to understand our own language better. At Trinity Catholic Elementary School we offer several unique opportunities for students and their families to engage in learning a foreign language.

Classes Kindergarten through 4th grade use Petra Lingua online Language program in their classroom to learn basic Spanish. Teachers have accounts and this program is used at school only.

Bishop Ready High School Credit Mandarin language class via video conference is offered for select 7th and 8th graders to take daily at Trinity. This class is presented every day in a video conference broadcast from Bishop Ready High School and taken with several other area elementary schools. This class covers basic conversation, topics about culture and some practice to using the beautiful Chinese manuscript. Successful completion of this course will give the student a high school language credit. For more information contact Mrs. Kimber Moehrman

Foreign Language Resource page will be available soon and a link placed here. Learning to speak a foreign language, ultimately, gives us another tool to make friends around the world.