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Trinity is a school of the Columbus Diocese. The Department of Education of the Columbus Diocese.

  Title   E-mail
Mrs. Kimber Moehrman
  Principal   kmoehrma@cdeducation.org
Father David Poliafico   Pastor   stchriscols@aol.com
Mrs. Diane Eastman   Administrative Assistant   deastman@cdeducation.org
Mrs. Monica Murnane   Kindergarten Teacher   mmurnane@cdeducation.org
Miss Grace Turcu        Kindergarten Teacher   gturcu@cdeducation.org
Mrs. Diane Bowling   First Grade Teacher   dbowling@cdeducation.org
Ms. Patty Olvera   Second Grade Teacher   polvera@cdeducation.org
Mrs. Susan Williams   Third Grade Teacher   swilliam@cdeducation.org
Mrs. Sarah Downey
Fourth/Fifth Grade Teacher
Language Arts and Social Studies
Mrs. Lori McCollough
Fourth/Fifth Grade teacher
Language Arts and Social Studies
Ms. Shannon McCarthy  
Fourth/Fifth Grade Teacher
Religion, Math, and Science
Mr. Joe Wilson   Sixth Grade Teacher
Math and Sciences 6, 7, 8
Mrs. Sara Boyle   Seventh Grade Teacher
Language Arts 6, 7, 8
Ms. Elaine Schuttinger   Eighth Grade Teacher
Social Studies and Religion 6, 7, 8
Mr. Paul Goodberlet   Physical Education Teacher   pgoodber@cdeducation.org
Mrs. Beverly Finkel   Art Teacher   bfinkel@cdeducation.org
Ms. Stephanie Doyle   Music Teacher   sdoyle@cdeducation.org
Mr. Craig Lewis   Band Director   crlewis@cdeducation.org
Mrs. Helen Chirakos   Librarian   hchirako@cdeducation.org
Mrs. Margaret Swartz   Cafeteria Manager   mswartz@cdeducation.org
 Ms. Lindsay Liskowiak   Psychologist   lliskowiak@columbus.k12.oh.us
Mrs. Andrea Boyd   Trinity Preschool Director & Lead Teacher   aboyd@cdeducation.org
Ms. Shelley Dulin   Trinity Preschool Assistant Teacher   sdulin@cdeducation.org
Mr. Joe Pelgrino   Athletic Association Director   uclajp1995@sbcglobal.net 

  Tutor and Enrichment  

  Tutor and Enrichment  
 Ms. Jennifer Ayers   Tutor   ayersjenniferj@gmail.com
 Ms. Elli Moehrman    After School Director   emoehrman@cdeducation.org